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Why is a photo estimate such a powerful and necessary tool for an auto body shop?

In today’s tech savvy, instant gratification and minute a byte information world, people are looking for ways to do things faster and more efficiently than ever. Let’s face it. People’s attentio

Believe it or not: Different parts on a car may vary in color.

Did you know that very few vehicles leave the factory with a perfect color match. Most people rarely, if ever, notice a difference between metal body parts and plastic parts, specifically front an

Got in an accident? Know Your Rights!

Getting into an accident is a stressful situation. First make sure that you are ok, then survey the damage on your car. If you are in a busy street or highway, make sure to pull the side and m

Are you looking to repaint your car in a different color? Don’t! (unless you really REALLY want to)

Excited young woman and her new car outdoors with sunlit forest in background. Are you tired of the color of your car? Did you get into an accident and had an epiphany to use that time to repaint

Got a scratch? Don’t wait or it could rust!

We all have had this happen to our cars: scratched panels. It's disheartening when we do it, but especially when we find scratches on our vehicle that was done by someone else. While this is very

Got in an accident? Ten Facts to Know Before Having Your Car Repaired

Got in an accident? Ten Facts to Know Before Having Your Car Repaired 1. In most states, there is no law requiring you to obtain more than one estimate or appraisal. 2. In most states, you hav

Got vandalized? You may want to claim with your insurance

Vandalism happens. If it does, go to a reputable auto body shop of your choice and get an estimate. If the estimate is much more than your deductible, you may want to make a claim with your insuranc